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Transatlantic “Sangria”

Lips of Faith. Those three words always excite me because I know that whatever the beer is, whatever style or crazy flavor (Cocoa Mole), it will tease and intrigue my taste buds. New Belgium brewery has become a craft brewery plus…no longer just locally recognized and expanding to include a sister location in North Carolina. But the Lips of Faith series keeps the beer (and the buzz) fresh. For a great article that gives you a bit of insight, check out this article from Hooked on Hops.

I try not to write much about limited releases. (Mostly because it annoys me when I read about something that sounds incredible but that I will never have an opportunity to try.) But while this post is about the Transatlantic Kriek, it’s really about branching out. It is about the beauty of continuing to challenge yourself and it’s about creativity.

The awesome thing about this little concoction is that the fruit sweetens this slightly sour beer, without completely negating the sour quality. What I wanted to do with this drink was simply to highlight the depth of the beer and the great flavors, not to un-necessarily muck them up.

Also, the beer brings out amazing flavors in the little fruit salad that is left in the bottom of the glass. Bonus!

Transatlantic “Sangria”


1 bottle New Belgium, Lips of Faith Transatlantic Kriek (or 22 ounces of a slightly sour Kriek style beer)
2 handfuls (about 10-12) fresh strawberries, hulled and quartered
1/2 green apple, cored and cut in thin slices
1 large orange, cut into supremes


This one is easy. Split the fruit into 2 or 3 glasses. Top with the beer. Let sit about 45 minutes and enjoy! (Then make sure to eat the boozy fruit out of the bottom of the glass.)


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