Test Kitchen Moonshine

I delight in Thursdays. Thursday, you see, is usually “test kitchen day” at work.

Savory Spice Shop has a fantastic collection of recipes. Some are from customers, some from employees, some from store owners, but many of them are the creations of the collective genius that is the test kitchen crew. As someone who has latched on to the idea of using alcohol in cooking, I’m particularly interested in tasting such gems as Mulled Wine Black Onyx Chocolate Sauce, Ghost Pepper Salted Guinness Pretzels, and Grilled Steak in Tomatoes. Nearly all of these recipes pass through our in-house test kitchen.

As early as 9 am, tantalizing scents begin wafting through the office. Being an inquisitive person and passionate about food, by about 10 I will be unable to control myself. I take a quick pass through the kitchen to fill my water bottle and find out what is planned for the day. By 11:30, if we are lucky, there might be some scraps to taste-test. Often, some adjustments are necessary and the work continues. By the time our stomachs begin growling, there are a few items being painstakingly photographed. two or three different platings, and countless angles later, we are treated to something delicious.

Some days it is an array of vegetable dips (I don’t mean dips for vegetables, I mean dips made from carrots or beets). Other days it is a full lunch: burger and slaw or curry and rice. Occasionally, there are days that surprise us. The day they made moonshine was one of those unexpected test kitchen days.

Imagine a homemade apple pie. Sweet and cinnamon-y, it’s one of those things that warms and satisfies you from the inside out. Now imagine capturing this all-American dessert in a shot glass. Ok, they didn’t actually make moonshine in the test kitchen. But they did transform (legally purchased!) moonshine into a taste of fall.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve got to make a batch of Appalachian Apple Pie Moonshine. The nights are going to start getting cool and I promise you, you will want to sit on the porch relishing the cool breeze and sipping a bit of this.


2 comments on “Test Kitchen Moonshine

  1. What a fun post! You are the genius taste testing culinary consultant the test kitchen crew couldn’t live without.

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