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Peach Tea Hailstorm

Western folklore describes the Hailstorm as “the earliest known mixed drink in Colorado.” Likely dating to the 1830s when trappers rendezvoused at Bent’s Fort, this refreshing iced drink was the western version of the mint julep but used whiskey instead of brandy or bourbon.

We have been enjoying unseasonably cool weather and what might be described as a very early monsoon season. Oh, and hailstorms. More hail than I can recall seeing in one year.

Palisade, Colorado is famous for its peaches – yes, there’s even a peach festival in August. I’m hoping that the worst of the hail passes them over and spares the peaches, but I imagine that many orchards are looking a bit battered right about now.

I’ve been holding this back for a little while but now seemed an appropriate time for this drink. Hail, whiskey, summer, peaches. Perfection.

Traditionally enjoyed over Independence Day (to break the heat and probably because it’s easy to make for a crowd) whether it’s hot or hailing, cheers!

Palisade Hailstorm


1/4 cup mint leaves
2 Tbsp. Palisade peach preserves
3 oz. Colorado whiskey
2 oz. iced tea
Hail (or ice!)

Directions: In a shaker, combine mint, peach preserves, whiskey, and ice. Shake vigorously. Shake more! And shake it again. Pour into a wide mouth glass or mason jar. Top with tea.


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