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Orange Crush Brewmosa

The city is awash in orange and abuzz with excitement for Sunday’s big game. Our Denver Broncos, under the experienced leadership of Mr. Manning, are ready to buck the Panthers. I’m admittedly not a huge football fan in general, but the excitement (for many reasons) of Super Bowl 50 doesn’t escape me. It is, truly, a great American tradition – food, friendship, commercials…oh yeah, the football too.

I think about the food but never have to do much, as it’s a longstanding family tradition to partake in our friends’ Super Bowl Pizza. Understand that we’re not talking about delivery or even take and bake. No, this is the real deal. Made from scratch with an assortment of toppings, usually one that is a little more experimental, this is the way pizza was meant to be.

I digress.

With the food taken care of, my thoughts turn to drinks. Now, craft beer is a must-have standby. And just this once, I will forgive the stock of macro brews. After all, it is the big game and you should have something that you can drink, and drink, and drink without actually getting wasted. We are talking hours of partying here, people!


Enter, The Orange Crush. Brewmosa, Brass Monkey, Orange Radler, Beermosa…by whatever name you call it, it is certainly not a new concept. It is, perhaps, a little under-appreciated. Why do mimosas get all the love? Sure, they are great brunch drinks (my favorite, in fact) but why not swap in a craft brew or a good Belgian white? It might be considered a little lowbrow but probably not here in Denver, the craft beer capitol. I decided to up my game. Beer and orange juice is fine – and easy – but what about adding a dash of orange bitters and a splash of triple sec? Perfection.

Go Broncos!

Orange Crush
Brewmosa/Beer Cocktail

Makes four drinks


16 oz. fresh squeezed orange juice, chilled
4 oz. Triple Sec (or other orange liquor), preferably chilled
Orange bitters
12 oz. Citrus flavored sparking water (I used the grapefruit flavored La Croix)
12 oz. Belgian style white ale, wheat beer, pilsner (or other beer of your choice), chilled

1/4 tsp. orange flower water
1 orange, cut into rounds

Directions: If desired, chill four (12 oz.) tumbler or highball glasses. Divide orange juice, triple sec, bitters, and orange flower water (if using) evenly between the four glasses. Add sparkling water then top off with beer and garnish with orange round. Cheer the Broncos on to victory!



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