Side Dish or Small Plate

Sake + Sushi = Risotto

If April showers bring May flowers, what does April snow bring? In my house, it’s one last opportunity for cozy, comfort food. Sushi rice + Sake It probably makes you think of nigiri or American style sushi rolls – not a classic Italian dish. But stay with me here… Arborio rice? Short grain. Sushi rice? […]

Pinot Pea Purée

I’ve grown to believe that crostini and bruschetta, really any topping on bread, is quintessential party food. I did recently read that food on bread is a new trend. While that made me laugh, “new” doesn’t quite seem the right adjective, it hit upon the concept of bread as a vessel. Sure, you can do […]

Lessons from a Friend: ‘Gin & Ginger’ Cucumber Salad

In food circles, today is cause for a feast. If modern culinary pursuits have a patron saint, it is most certainly Julia Child. Born August 15, 1912 she became an American icon. The myth of Julia Child couldn’t possibly be larger and more grand than the woman herself; hers is a tale of triumph, reinvention […]