Gin Spiced Gravlax

Gin Spiced Gravlax

As I mentioned in a previous post, I found a new hobby last summer. It started with blueberry chai jam and continued from there. The bottom shelf of my china “cabinet” (it’s really just a bookshelf we’ve repurposed to hold the fine dinnerware) is starting to fill with jars. At this point, I’ve done more […]

Gin & Earl Grey Tea Cake

One of the perks of having a test kitchen in the office is that, under the right hands, it turns into something of a gift to the office. Our test kitchen is managed by someone who is as talented as she is considerate. And, in much the same way that the kitchen is often the […]

Tea Toddy

For the past few weeks, the test kitchen at my office has been concocting simple syrups. Witnessing us clustered around jelly jars with spoons full of syrup, one coworker laughingly referred to the tasting as a “hummingbird convention.” There were winners and a few that were deemed “not ready for prime time.” These sweet little […]

Will Work for Pi(e)

It happened. That awful scenario where you’ve typed something sharp, witty, readable; then you get distracted and when you return to your device your genius musings have disappeared. My inner intellectual scoffs that, “this problem doesn’t happen when you use a pen and paper.” The part of me that is friends with programmers and developers […]

Lessons from a Friend: ‘Gin & Ginger’ Cucumber Salad

In food circles, today is cause for a feast. If modern culinary pursuits have a patron saint, it is most certainly Julia Child. Born August 15, 1912 she became an American icon. The myth of Julia Child couldn’t possibly be larger and more grand than the woman herself; hers is a tale of triumph, reinvention […]