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Gin & Earl Grey Tea Cake

One of the perks of having a test kitchen in the office is that, under the right hands, it turns into something of a gift to the office. Our test kitchen is managed by someone who is as talented as she is considerate. And, in much the same way that the kitchen is often the […]

Boyfriend Cupcakes (Chocolate Orange Cupcakes)

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you meet a man. He spends the evening flirting and you find yourself flirting right back. He asks for your number, calls, and you start dating him. Even though it’s early, it feels like the sort of connection that could become something special. Then, you find out that his birthday is […]

A Scoop of Celebration

Some people celebrate birthdays with cake. I prefer to celebrate with some sort of frozen treat. Ok, so this isn’t exactly a birthday…it’s more of an anniversary. A year ago, eager to write and cook more often, I started this little project. While I’ve only averaged one post a month, it’s been a fun project. […]