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Orange Crush Brewmosa

The city is awash in orange and abuzz with excitement for Sunday’s big game. Our Denver Broncos, under the experienced leadership of Mr. Manning, are ready to buck the Panthers. I’m admittedly not a huge football fan in general, but the excitement (for many reasons) of Super Bowl 50 doesn’t escape me. It is, truly, […]

New Old Fashioned

I’ll never forget the first time I had an Old Fashioned. I was in Prague visiting one of my oldest friends and we stumbled upon a very charming cosmopolitan cocktail bar, Hemingway Bar. I knew immediately that this was my kind of place. The sleek, dark wood bar was accented by perfectly straight rows of […]

It’s a…

Cookbook! In February, this really incredible thing happened. I was asked to help write a cookbook. Mind you, I’m merely a small piece of a big project; it took a talented team to pull off this feat. Yet, here we are. It feels like a dream to see my name listed on the title page […]

A Dandy Shandygaff

Beer cocktails. No other words spark controversy in the world of craft brew aficionados quite like these do. Beer cocktails have gained traction in the United States in recent years, thanks to creative and skillful bartenders. Still, detractors argue, “Why would you want to ruin a perfectly good craft beer?” I used to be one […]

Irish Ginger Cocktail

Simplicity sometimes gets an undeserved reputation of being synonymous with bland. This, my friends, is patently untrue. While simple can sometimes be boring, if done well, simplicity is classic, refreshing, and pleasant. Ginger ale is a perfect “adult” mixer. Once your palate has moved beyond the saccharine sweetness of other soft drinks, it offers a […]

Tea Toddy

For the past few weeks, the test kitchen at my office has been concocting simple syrups. Witnessing us clustered around jelly jars with spoons full of syrup, one coworker laughingly referred to the tasting as a “hummingbird convention.” There were winners and a few that were deemed “not ready for prime time.” These sweet little […]