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Sake + Sushi = Risotto

If April showers bring May flowers, what does April snow bring? In my house, it’s one last opportunity for cozy, comfort food. Sushi rice + Sake It probably makes you think of nigiri or American style sushi rolls – not a classic Italian dish. But stay with me here… Arborio rice? Short grain. Sushi rice? […]

Mile High Skyline Chili

Mile High Skyline Chili

I went on a chili tirade the other day. After tasting a bowl that was more baked beans than chili, I reasoned that ‘real’ chili recipes must come from the American Southwest. Other regions don’t seem to understand that part of the beauty of chili is its simplicity. My dad is the family chili maker. No […]

Garden Veggie Sauce

I get so excited walking into a grocery store this time of year. The produce section is brimming with local vegetables and fruits, teeming with potential. This recipe is perfect for late summer or early autumn’s bounty. Equally good with pasta and spaghetti squash, baked eggs, or even on a spoon (don’t feel guilty, it’s […]

Herbed Beer Bread

I’ve spent the last few months involved in a big, exciting work project. In case you don’t already know, my job marries my passion for food with my love of writing. I wear a few different hats, as I think anyone who works for a growing company does, but a big part of what I […]

Boyfriend Cupcakes (Chocolate Orange Cupcakes)

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you meet a man. He spends the evening flirting and you find yourself flirting right back. He asks for your number, calls, and you start dating him. Even though it’s early, it feels like the sort of connection that could become something special. Then, you find out that his birthday is […]

Soup for the Soul

I actually wrote this post over a year ago, when our neighbor suffered a devastating loss. It seems appropriate to share it here on a day that is synonymous, for so many, with loss and grief. If this day inspires anything, let it move you to love your neighbor and to care for those who […]